Take Surveys for Cash Review

What is Take Surveys for Cash?
This is a website owned and operated by one Jason White. The website was started in 2015 and its purpose is to provide members with opportunities on how they can make money with surveys. It is a survey website that charges it members to participate in short surveys in order to earn money. The Take Surveys for Cash website takes the concept of working from home which has become a trend among stay-at-home dads and moms.

It is common to find many people turning to surveys as they offer an easy avenue towards making money while at home. Since you need no experience to get started and no set up is required, it has become an attractive venture for many scammers. This is what Jason’s Whites “Take Surveys for Cash” tries to change.

Who is Jason White?
If you were to visit the Take Surveys for Cash website, you will get to learn that Jason White calls himself the kind of paid surveys. He is the developer and CEO of Take Surveys for Cash which is a paid survey website. What it means is that users have to pay in order to participate in the surveys. The users do get paid once the survey is complete and validated but the question is, why pay to participate in a survey?

Well, that is a fair question. Think of Take Surveys for Cash (and every other paid survey site) as a service. It takes time to gather all the surveys they provide. Think of it as a service fee like any other. Not so crazy when you think about it. Of course they want to get paid for the service they provide.

On the Take Surveys for Cash website, you will get to learn how Jason White started making $3 from surveys and by the time he started Take Surveys for Cash, he was making $500. He claims not to have known the secrets of making money with paid surveys earlier. In the video, he displays two pictures of checks displaying the amounts of $3 and $500.

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Jason White claims that he has made a total of $274,000 in 6 years. By my calculations, this seems to be pretty modest. If Jason White made $500 in a day, he would have made $ 182,500 in a year. In 6 years, the amount would be much higher.

How it works?
According to the Take Surveys for Cash review, you will be required to sign up. Once you have registered and validated your account, you can now log into the members area. You will be required to subscribe by paying a certain amount. Once you have paid the money, you will have access to surveys from the member’s area. You can choose which surveys you want to participate in and once you are done, you can submit the answers. When approved, the amount will be credit to your member’s account.

take surveys for cash review

Examples of surveys available in the members area.

Is Take Surveys for Cash a scam?
No, it is not. The surveys they post in the members area are real. They also offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like their service, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Why pay to take surveys
Like I said before. It is a service. You pay for the time and effort they put in to get you all the paid surveys. You pay them to get you the surveys to save you time and frustration.

Final Thoughts
So, will you make $3,500 every month? Well, probably not. This is more suited for people who just wants to make some extra money on the side. But if you really really commit you can make a lot more then $3,500. It is really up to you and the time you put in.

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